Decision-makers are making choices about our future.

We need to learn lessons from the pandemic and reject calls for American-style cuts, austerity, and privatization. Instead, we need a plan that’s rooted in our way of doing things – together. 

When we talk to decision makers, our collective voices influence the government, and they listen. You will ask your MP to push for a plan that takes what we’ve learned from this pandemic and ensures we don’t go back.

Use these handy fact sheets for key messages and to guide your discussion when you meet your MP.

Also, feel free to email these fact sheets to your MP before or during your meeting so they know exactly what you stand for.

Better Jobs

We need the Canadian government to help kick-start local economies by investing in public infrastructure, public services, and a made-in-Canada procurement strategy.

Strengthening Health Care

Let’s keep seniors safe by making long-term care part of public health care. Let’s help families make ends meet by adding prescription drugs to Canada’s health care system.

Disaster-Proofing Our Social Safety Net

When the next economic disaster hits, we need to make sure that employment insurance is there for everyone who needs it. We also need a plan for child care that actually works for families. And we need affordable housing for all.

Climate Action

We need the Canadian government to rebuild our
economy in a way that is more fair, that protects the planet, creates jobs that are both green and decent, and that leaves no one behind.

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April 28th is the labour movement’s most solemn day, but also one to refocus our commitment to preventing future workplace injuries and deaths. Every year, thousands of workers, friends and families of fallen workers gather at ceremonies across Canada to recognize the National Day of Mourning for workers killed or injured on the job. This year, we will gather in…
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