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Climate change is the defining crisis of our time. Workers want the Canadian government to move forward with a more ambitious plan and investments to tackle climate change and ensure no worker is left behind.

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Workers want ambitious climate action

We’re calling on the government to create good, sustainable union jobs, with pathways into these jobs for workers in impacted sectors, and a seat at the table for workers so they have a say in decisions about their future.

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By creating well-paid, secure jobs to be proud of, we can build healthy, safe communities for us and our loved ones – and future generations.

Climate action

This is our moment; we can turn back the clock on climate change and fight for a better future where no one gets left behind.

Bold investments

Canada needs a more sustainable future – and good, lasting jobs to create it. Our government isn’t going far enough to create jobs that are good for people and our communities.

Sustainable jobs

It’s time for the Canadian government to deliver a sustainable jobs plan and bold investments for workers and communities.

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These are the places where children grow up, where workers can earn a living and people call home. Ensuring sustainable, healthy and resilient communities is at the heart of climate action.

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