We’ve made it easy for you to record a short video sharing how the cost-of-living crisis affects you. 

We’ll compile your videos into a powerful video petition, amplify them on social media, and deliver them to decision-makers. But first, you need to record a video! 

Follow these simple steps: 

Prepare: Think about your personal experiences with the cost-of-living crisis in Canada. Speak from the heart and urge decision-makers to take action for affordability. 

Record: Click “choose file” to upload from your library or select “take photo or video” on your phone. Hit record and share your story! 

Review: Watch your video. Not happy? No worries, retake it until it’s just right. 

Submit: Hit “submit” once your video is ready. 

Share: Encourage your friends and family to use this tool too. The more stories we gather, the louder our message!