Join Canada’s Unions Support for Ambitious Climate Action

Workers in Canada and around the world are experiencing the impacts of climate change. Every day, we see the effects on their health and safety, livelihoods and communities.

We need governments to invest in a sustainable future, green infrastructure and a just transition pathway that leaves no workers behind.To achieve a green recovery, we need the leadership of our cities to work with us to:

  • Lower climate pollutions;
  • Create community-sustaining jobs across your municipality;
  • Create transit and green transportation;
  • Invest in green infrastructure;
  • Support provinces to rapidly decarbonize the electricity grid;
  • Partner with labour councils to seek opportunity to GHG emissions;
  • And much more.

The science is clear. Missing our climate milestones is not an option.

If we work together, we can ensure a just transition that not only guarantees quality jobs — it makes the world a better place.