If everyone reading this spreads the word to three friends, family members, coworkers or neighbours, we can supercharge our movement. Here are some talking points to get you started: 

  • I’m involved in a progressive campaign to win programs that will benefit generations to come.  
  • Share why it’s important to you, or: 
  • Workers and their families are struggling due to soaring grocery prices, overflowing emergency rooms and the impacts of climate change.   
  • Wealthy CEOs are putting profits before people, and the holes in our social safety net means too many of us are slipping through the cracks.   
  • It doesn’t need to be that way, but to win we need as many people as possible to get involved to win the change we need. 
  • We’re pushing for programs that will ensure our loved ones can access the care we need, for affordable homes and good, sustainable jobs, and to ensure our social safety net is there when we need it.  
  • Check out the campaign and sign up! https://canadianplan.ca/add-your-voice/ 

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