Nova Scotia’s Lobby Day is November 15!

People across Nova Scotia are calling their MLAs and setting up virtual or in-person meetings.

We created this easy call tool so you can phone your MLA and schedule a meeting in advance.

We’re calling for urgent action on the issues that are important to workers and their families, including the implementation of a universal single-payer pharmacare, a permanent program of paid sick days, and the repeal of Bill 148.

Use our tool to get connected with your MLA and book a meeting for November 15, 2022. Be sure to have your phone close at hand, it’s going to ring. When you pick up, we’ll patch you through to your MLA’s office. You may speak with an assistant who can take a message or you may be asked to leave a message on a machine. On the next screen, we’ll have a script you can refer to in your call.

Thank you for scheduling a meeting with your MLA!